Try a new recipe

This weekend, I went apple picking out in Northern Virginia. It was a fantastic fall weekend and the trees were beautiful. I wanted so many different types of apples, but as a household of one, I realized I couldn’t possibly eat a bushel of apples on my own. So what did I do after work today?

Tried a new recipe.

I wanted to make a cute little dessert that my coworkers, boyfriend, and roommates could enjoy. My go-to apple recipe is apple pie, which my grandma taught me and it is out of this WORLD. But I wanted something smaller, a little more manageable, so I tried something new!

I’ve always wanted to make an apple rose tart, so when I saw these mini apple rose pies online I knew that’s what recipe I would try. They looked so beautiful.

And wow. did I FAIL. the apples weren’t bending right and broke so easily (I didn’t slice the apples thin enough : P). But I had a good time doing it and learned a new recipe that I never want to make again! I was really frustrated with the process, but they turned out O.K. in the end. They look all right and they taste about the same. Next time I’ll just stick to apple pie.

What’s your go-to fall recipe?

Apple roses in pan
Can you even call these roses?